Do we have mice over an event in Android?

Do we have mice over an event in android? I want to set the text to the specific TextView

one that my mouse is on and discarded. Example: I want to drag and drop textview1 and drag it to another textview2 so that I can set the text of textview1 to textview2.

I have made examples of drag and drop, but I cannot find which control my mouse is on.


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You can find a demo at this link:




Yes, you can hover your mouse over Android

like on this docked tablet station

+ keyboard


You need OnGenericMotionListener


OnGenericMotion(...., MotionEvent me) {
   if (me.getToolType(0) == MotionEvent.TOOL_TYPE_MOUSE) {





[Confirmed] Found a tablet with a usb mouse and can confirm it works for mouse movement. You will be filled with messages, so simple operations or sleep should be considered.



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