Raw string in Python regex using windows folder path

Trying to use backslashes on raw lines with this regex:

import re
print re.sub(r'^[a-zA-Z]:\\.+(\\Data.+)', r'D:\folder\1', r'C:\Some\Path\Data\File.txt')


Expected Result:



However, it is \f

interpreted. Is there a way to make this work without converting to forward slashes?


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re.sub interprets the escape sequences in the replacement string ( docs ). Adding an extra backslash before the \ f to avoid the backslash seems to do the trick:

import re
print re.sub(r'^[a-zA-Z]:\\.+(\\Data.+)', r'D:\\folder\1', r'C:\Some\Path\Data\File.txt')


If your replacement string is dynamic, you can always use a different regex to remove backslashes, or use str.encode ('unicode-escape').



To avoid translating special characters, you can use a lambda function:

print re.sub(r'^[a-zA-Z]:\\.+(\\Data.+)', lambda x: r'D:\\folder\1', r'C:\Some\Path\Data\File.txt')    




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