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I am working on a function to validate http addresses. I need good and bad urls for unit testing. Please share your test cases with me.



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There are many permutations and combinations ... also how strictly you follow the standard specifications is something to worry about

Which protocols are supported ... is it just http ... or https, rmtp, etc.

Consider things like domains and subdomains ... www.google.com and www.maps.google.com are valid

The presence or absence of a trailing slash

Non-standard port ... http://www.example.com:8800

Deep path after host ... http://www.example.com/a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h/i.html

URL options ... http://www.test.com?pageid=123&testid=1524

URL encoding ... and how URLs are URL encoded if they are part of parameters

Anchor Tags ... http://www.test.com/do.html#A

The presence of special characters ... if any

whitespace handling

Maximum and minimum URL size


Have you researched in existing libraries that allow you to validate urls



I would look at RFC1738 to find test cases. For example, start using a schema (eg wibble: //www.bbc.co.uk). This should be invalid.



Define "bad"?

Characters that should have been escaped?

http://stackoverflow.com/users/9999999/not a-real-user


Accidentally transposed characters?



URLs that just result in 404s?





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