Sending email via gmail via python app

as indicated in the title. I am having problem sending email through my gmail account via python app. I searched the internet for a solution but nothing seems to be resolved and I thought I could ask here. My code is as follows:

PASSWORD = "mypass"
msg = "Test message"
server = smtplib.SMTP('', 587)
server.login(LOGIN, PASSWORD)
server.sendmail(FROMADDR, TOADDRS, msg)
print "E-mail succesfully sent"


I get the message:

socket.error: [Errno 10060] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond


I tried different ports but it doesn't work either. I've tried hotmail as well, but it causes the same problem. I'm using Python 2.7 (don't ask :)) on a windows 7 machine developing on Eclipse with PyDev.

Any help would be great! Thank you in advance.


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Ok, since I can't write comments, I'll have to try and answer.

Judging by this: Python SMTP Errno 10060 Perhaps a timeout will help?



I am using the same design on one of my servers. My code is below.

The only difference is the extra .ehlo()

after '.starttls ()'. This shouldn't be a problem; from RFC :

5.2 Result of the STARTTLS Command

The client SHOULD send an EHLO command as the first
command after a successful TLS negotiation.


According to the RFC, the server should not drop the connection if the client doesn't send ehlo

after starttls

, but Google may be more restrictive on their SMTP server. I would check this first. (I've seen ISPs tighten up conditions of this kind to reduce spam, such as Mailinator 2007 write.)

It can also be a filtered port - try running the code in the REPL and confirm which line is the exception, if so connect()

, you will find out on the net. If it does, your use is probablysmtplib.

Note I also experienced random unclean shutdowns, resulting in tried / excluded .close()


import smtplib
s = smtplib.SMTP()
s.login("", "frompass") 
s.sendmail("", toAddr, bytes)
except: pass




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