Is there a blog search api?

I am looking for an API or solution to find blog posts on the internet. I have some user-submitted keywords (eg "fancy hats") and I want to get a list of blog posts that match it. Importers are the freshness of the post and the relevance of the source.

Is there anything already there?

Thank you so much


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It's hard to pick date and relevance at the same time. This is how you do it with blackout:

It shows, sorted by relevance, the [hat] search string, limited in a low-key slash / fashion, slimmed down by algorithmic slashtag / blogs, for the past month.

Alternatively, you can sort by date instead of relevance:

Our free API can be used to get these results - contact us at for more details.

I'd call you interesting URLs that list good low-key low-key cookies and hints about other advanced uses of slasthag, but the Stack Overflow reputation system says I'm too much of n00b to do this.



I know at least two: 1) the yahoo boss, which is worth 0.10 per thousand results, and blekko also has an api that can search blogs. You will need to inquire about the specifics directly from blekko at



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