Web Services Directory - UDDI?

I was tasked with creating a WCF Registry / Web Services directory in my organization. My first thought was using UDDI. That said, UDDI doesn't seem to be in particularly good press, with some claiming it's dead - see What are good alternatives to the UDDI registry?

Considering the following:

  • this registry is solely for business purposes, that is, we want to list web services and document their functional web services.
  • not required, i.e. clients will continue preconfigured and any changes to any service will be manually replicated
  • it should be possible to automate publishing to the registry, eg. as part of the service deployment process

Are there any good alternatives worth considering?


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2 answers

  • UDDI
  • by ebXML
  • WS-Discovery
  • MDNS

If you are in Java land JAXR is a different place



I would just use a custom SharePoint list.



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