Bash regex irregularities

I see highlighting information about regex, but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. Hopefully this hasn't been covered earlier. As usual, not everyone is interested in getting a solution to me, but rather understands why it works the way it does. This is the only way I can learn bash and all this complexity.

My example:

Stext="Hallo World"
[[ $Stext =~ $re ]]
echo $DBTable
DBTable=`expr "$Stext" : $re`
echo $DBTable


as most of you can guess, I don't get World twice and I don't know why.

So far, I've managed to get any answer from the expr version escaped:

DBTable=`expr "$Stext" : '\(.[a-z]*\)$'`


This still does not give the expected result.

Can someone give me some insight on this please.


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treats the regex as an implicit pinning at the beginning of the line - that is, it implicitly adds ^

- so you need to provide everything up to the point of interest. Also, as you noticed, you need to write \(

and \)

, not (

and )

, since it expr

uses Basic Regular Expressions (BRE) and not Extended Regular Expressions (ERE). So this:

expr 'Hallo World' : '.[a-z]* \(.[a-z]*\)$'


will print World




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