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I have a customized version of SDL 1.2 and pygame 1.9.1 that implement SDL2 high precision timer and time stamping. I can build everything on my mac, but I would like to be able to distribute the installer to my colleagues who are less computationally savvy. The pygame download page has installers installed, so it might be possible. Any suggestions on how to do this or where to go for some instructions?


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Have a look at the Python distutils standard library . With it, you can create installation scripts to build and package your code, even with C extensions.

If that's not enough for you, you can also look at setuptools , which basically extends distutils and even lets you upload your code to the Python Package Index (PyPi) where you can easily download and install python packages.


Sorry for being so vague, but the implementation of your install script (usually mostly depends on your actual requirements.


To create mpkg packages you need setuptools and another library called Bento . Once you've written your

script (look at the distutils docs for this), you can create it with:

python build_mpkg




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