MSI generated by WIX does not copy executable, copies other files previously working

I worked with Pandion (an open source XMPP client) that comes with wix scripts to create installers.

The patch fix worked so far: I run the included batch file that ran the wix binaries and created the msi.

However, with the latest update, the installer no longer copies the executable file (Pandion.exe) to the installation directory. All other 400+ files copied correctly.

EDIT: By update, I mean the changes I've made that are limited to a few javascript files. Wix files are not modified.

I tried to figure out what the problem is, but I just don't understand wix / msi and don't know where to look.

I have verbose logging enabled, which verifies that all files have been copied except the executable. The auto-generated .wxs component contains the executable as a component. The installer registers all the components first, including the executable, but when it starts copying files, it just skips it and moves on to the next one.

If I run the installer again and repair the installation, the executable is copied correctly.

If I uninstall everything and reinstall from the first installer, all previous fixes work fine.


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Check and verify if the version of this file (Pandion.exe) is greater than the previous installation. If for some reason the file is of a smaller version, it may not install because:

  • During the update installation, WiX looks for the DLL and EXE version.
  • If the version of the installed file (Pandion.exe) is greater than the one that should be installed, then it is marked that a newer version exists on the machine
  • When uninstalling the previous version, all files are deleted.
  • During update installation, Pandion.exe is not installed because it has been flagged
  • During reinstall / repair, he sees that Pandion.exe is missing and installs it.


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