Practical Difference Between Consumable and Non-Renewable Subscriptions

I experimented with In-App purchases to find out which works best for my product.

There are clear differences between consumable / non-consumable and auto-renewable subscriptions

But when it comes to non-renewal, the only difference I see is semantic. From Apple docs: "Non-renewable subscriptions and consumables are not automatically restored in the Store Kit. However, non-renewable subscriptions must be restored."

So my question, as said, is there any real difference (for me as a developer) between the two? (what can I benefit)


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This is actually not entirely clear. The best resource I can help you is Session 308 from WWDC 2012.

They don't explicitly explain the difference, but towards the end you can see things like pop-up names and email formats. Generally, subscriptions seem to be treated more like subscriptions to customers.

For you as a developer, there are differences. Basically how to handle receiving a transaction (again in a WWDC session).



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