Why does 'w630> .js' die when called from inside python / uwsgi?

From the shell, this code python

that runs and interacts with the process node.js

works fine:

> from subprocess import *
> js = "(function(m) { console.log(m) })('hello world')"
> (out,err) = Popen(["node"], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=False).communicate(js)
> out
"hello world\n"


But when I run the same code from uwsgi , I instead get this in err


'FATAL ERROR: v8::Context::New() V8 is no longer usable\n'

Any community wsgi

or community ideas node.js

? I'm at a loss.


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Check if uWSGI runs with memory constraints (e.g. --limit-as or cgroup / jail). The processes spawned by it inherit these restrictions. Even checking v8 environment variables can be expected (e.g. HOME)



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