Is it possible to use java classes from WEB-INF directory in java agents

I am currently busy with a new XPages project. I am using Java and Managed Beans for data access. So far, I don't need to use Lotusscript; -)

One of the last things is to create a schedule agent to run some of the backends. Java classes already have some kind of logic that is in a directory under the WEB-INF directory. I don't want to rewrite this Java logic in Lotusscript, but reuse.

Can these Java classes be accessed from a (scheduled) Java agent?


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Maybe another option for you. I'll post a sample code on Monday how to use Eclipse jobs in Domino called XPages. These tasks can be performed on behalf of the current user. The Eclipse Jobs framework also allows you to schedule jobs.

Both XPages and your Eclipse Jobs run in the http process and you can access the Jobs from XPages. In other words, jobs can use the same code in the WEB-INF directory.


Update: Added sample here



Assuming the WEB-INF directory you are talking about is inside NSF, the answer is NO.

Java agents in Lotus Domino are standalone and cannot see this part of the NSF. You can package these concrete classes into a jar file and then attach the jar to the java agent, or just copy the classes directly into the java agent. You will have to maintain two sets of code anyway.



Yes, as long as WEB-INF / classes is on the classpath when the java agent is running. Another way to do it is to host the classes in its own jar and distribute the jar using webapp and Java agent code.



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