MongooseJS: How can I turn Mongoose collection into standard Javascript array

I am trying to send a collection of a database directly to a client. When validating the collection on the client, it looks like a Mongoose object with various mongoose methods attached. How can I get the raw collection data and discard the mongoose object?

I was able to do the following to do what I want, but it seems a little hacky:

var normalJavascriptArray = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(myMongooseCollection));



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You can call the toObject () function. I know it says toObject, but in this case it returns an array.


What I really needed to do when I tried to do this was map through the resulting array and call toObject on each of its children. The mongoose talks talked about an array of subdocuments I think.{
    return item.toObject();


Tested. He works.



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