Unusual characters highlighted after calling colorscheme command

I encountered strange team behavior :colorscheme


I have some unusual characters by haskell-hide script like


. I don't have an option colorscheme

in mine .vimrc

, so these characters are displayed in the usual way:

enter image description here

After calling the command, :colorscheme default

these symbols are highlighted:

enter image description here

it will be great to understand what happens after calling this command and what exactly affects this behavior.


  • Can you place some text here on a non-image form so we can try to reproduce it?

client ∷ Nick → Handle → IO ()

  • What is the name of the file being edited?


  • ... output :set filetype



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I can't seem to get the encoding right for these characters to display correctly, but their selection is in a group hsNiceOperator


Hence, hi hsNiceOperator guifg=... guibg=...

must deal with it. Or the equivalent if you are not using GVim, but the console one.



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