Youtube API or link ... getting unregistered videos?

I am having trouble capturing the last 4 uploading "unregistered" videos from my youtube account. I can do this with the public, but it won't work with unlist. Is there a gdata api I can use?

this is what I use publicly and then analyze the results.


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You can try to authenticate your request


Shell example:

# getting auth token
TOKEN=$(curl --silent '' --data-urlencode Email=YOUR_EMAIL --data-urlencode Passwd='YOUR_PASSWORD' -d accountType=GOOGLE -d source=SO -d service=youtube | grep Auth)

# call api with Authorization
curl --silent --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin $AUTH" ""


for PHP, take a look at this page:



Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible due to the perceived privacy of unregistered videos.

From the developer guide:

"Private videos are not included in search results or are displayed in any other way, and the user can access unregistered videos by entering or linking directly to the URL of the video viewing page."



It's a little tricky. A private video is one that a) does not have b) has

However, the problem is that the YT download API is not returning for any video recording, simple or not. Maybe you have to make another API call to pull the video yt: accessControl?



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