MediaPlayer error (-4, -4)

I am playing video from url. 1st I put the video on a local server and run it on the device. the client put the video on the server . now when i play the video it doesn't play. this is the logcat:

03-16 12:07:20.244: D/MediaPlayer(5099): Couldn't open file on client side, trying server side
03-16 12:07:20.289: W/MediaPlayer(5099): info/warning (1, 26)
03-16 12:07:20.294: E/MediaPlayer(5099): error (-4, -4)
03-16 12:07:20.309: I/MediaPlayer(5099): Info (1,26)
03-16 12:07:20.314: E/MediaPlayer(5099): Error (-4,-4)
03-16 12:07:20.314: D/VideoView(5099): Error: -4,-4


i dnt knw that's the problem. convert video from these formats Thanks


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Becuase HTTPS video streaming is not supported until Android 3.1. Submit the link and search for Network Protocols . If you are not using API level below API level 3.1, use http instead of https , your video will play correctly.



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