Magento - Uses and benefits of getOptionsByCode

I've seen Magento use this method " getOptionsByCode()

" in the class " Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Item

" a lot, to retrieve / select Quote Item parameters by code. After printing each of the options for any item, I found this: -

  • info_buyRequest

  • option_ids

  • option_1843

  • attributes

  • product_qty_231

  • simple_product

Now here are my questions: -

  • What is Magento trying to achieve with this " getOptionsByCode()

    " method or its advantages?
  • Can this only be used for custom products or other composite product types?
  • How do I determine which option codes are for the custom options of the corresponding product?
  • What are the " info_buyRequest

    " and " simple_product

    " options specifically used for?
  • Are there any other use cases for custom parameters like custom attributes or something else?

Thanks everyone in advance!


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Let me answer one at a time:

  • Item parameters are the values ​​that the user has selected to add that product to the cart (for example, various parameters and their selected values).
  • All products use at least the info_buyRequest option. I really don't know about the others.
  • I think they could be inside the "attributes" option, but I've never used custom parameters.
  • info_buyRequest is used for qty specification and all other parameters. This is the initial request (which is later processed). The simple product is probably a real product that you add to the cart (i.e. the item might be a custom product, but you are adding a simple product to the cart).
  • I really do not know. But if you need to figure out what options are selected for such a product, I think you should either check the attributes or just get simple_product and get its options.


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