JAXB: generating item code with maxOccurs property set in xsd file doesn't get set method in java class

I have an xsd file named Person

with some items. Some elements have both properties minOccurs

and maxOccurs

. The two lines in the xsd file might look like this.

<xsd:element name="NameOfElement" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
<xsd:element name="NameOfAnotherElement" minOccurs="0">


In NetBeans, I want to generate java classes of this xsd file using JAXB. All items that have a property minOccurs

get both set and getter in the generated java file Person

, but items that have both properties minOccurs

and maxOccurs

set in the xsd file become List. So the above xsd lines become after generation:

@XmlElement(name = NameOfElement)
protected List<Person.NameOfElement> nameOfElement;
@XmlElement(name = NameOfAnotherElement)
protected Person.NameOfAnotherElement nameOfAnotherElement;


The weird thing is that the variable nameOfAnotherElement

gets both set and get method in Person

java class and nameOfElement

gets get method.

Why don't elements that become List<>

in Java code get a set method (those elements that have both properties minOccurs

and maxOccurs

set in xsd)?

So my problem is that I cannot set the NameOfElement on the Person object because it skips the set method but contains a get method! Why is this so?


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If you have maxOccurs set to! = 1, it can contain multiple instances of that element, so it becomes a list.

You have to use the get method and then add items to this list. Something like that:

List<Person.NameOfElement> myList = doc.getNameOfElement();


Edit: if you already have a list that you want to use, you can do the following:





You can use a plugin to force XJC sets for collections:



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