MonoTouch error: "Apple iPhone SDK not installed" after updating to iOS 5.1

I have updated iOS 5.0.1 to 5.1 and I am using MonoTouch 5.2.5 and MonoDevelop When I created a sample applcation in MonoDevelop it shows the error "Apple iphone sdk not installed".

How do I get MonoTouch to work with iOS 5.1?


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Have you just updated your devices to iOS 5.1? or

Have you installed the new Xcode 4.3.1 from the AppStore?

That's where the iOS 5.1 SDK is available and MonoDevelop should pick it up automatically.

From the MonoDevelop menu, select About Mono Develop , select the Release Notes tab, and see if anything is missing (or just looks wrong) on ​​the list. You can modify your question to include this information (up to the Loaded Assemblies section ).



To solve the problem:

install apple SDK in MonoDevelop with correct XCode installed. This will help solve this problem. I didn't find this answer anywhere, but it did the trick for me!



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