Highcharts nodeName of undefined

When playing with a diagram created with tall diagrams and exporting it to SVG I get a lot of errors, around 1000 (node ​​name from undefined) in 6 seconds

Responsible code:

element = wrapper.element,
nodeName = element.nodeName, // <---- Here (Cannot read property 'nodeName' of undefined)
renderer = wrapper.renderer,
attrSetters = wrapper.attrSetters,
shadows = wrapper.shadows,
ret = wrapper;


Stacktrace element (in Chrome 17.0.963)

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeName' of undefined
SVGElement.attr highcharts.src.js:2008
init.Effect.HighchartsTransition.Class.create.update prototype-adapter.src.js:86
(anonymous function) effects.js:1
Effect.Base.Class.create.loop effects.js:1
Effect.ScopedQueue.Class.create.loop effects.js:1
b prototype.js:1


Violin to re-create : here to replay a click on a line on / off and then click on a link My Download

, turn on / off again and click on a link again My Download


My question is this: is this my code or a bug in highcharts; and how can i fix this?


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Got the answer I was looking for; This was a bug in highcharts, fixed here



I'm not very familiar with Framework Prototype, but I did some tests and looked at this code:

function getGraphSVG(options) {
    var svg;
    if (window.charts) {
        window.charts.each(function(pair) {
            svg = pair.value.getSVG(options);
            throw $break;

    return svg;


Somehow this method each

returns 2 objects, one of which is undefined

. So, a simple check:

if (pair.value)
     svg = pair.value.getSVG(options);


or in one line

pair.value && ( svg = pair.value.getSVG(options) );


and it should work.



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