Pause HTML5 video conference on server

Is it possible that when I click on the HTML5 video pause control, the video transaction is paused on the server?


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According to the specs (see ): "When a video element is paused and the current playback position is the first frame of the video, the element represents a poster frame if the video frame is not already shown, in which case the item represents the video frame corresponding to the current playback position.When the video item is paused at any other position and the media resource has a video channel, the item is a video frame corresponding to the current playback position. or, if not yet available (for example, because the video is looking for or buffering), the last frame of the video that was rendered.

And the important part: "User agents should provide controls to enable or disable the display of closed captions, audio description tracks, and other additional data related to the video stream, although such functionality should also not interfere with normal rendering of the page. User agents can allow users to view video content in for user-friendly purposes (for example, in full screen mode or in an independent editable editor window) For other UI features, controls to enable this should not interfere with normal page rendering unless the user agent exposes the UI. However, in such an independent context user agents can render complete user interfaces using for exampleplay, pause, search and adjust the volume, even if there is no control attribute. User agents can allow video playback to affect system functions that may interfere with user experience ; for example, user agents can disable screensavers during video playback. "

In my opinion the answer to your question is: it depends on the implementations of the user agents (i.e. browsers), perhaps in the future we will see this feature available in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., but for now we suspend the transaction when pause video is not implemented.



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