How to get date from jquery date picker using droppable

I am trying to get date from Jquery ui date-picker by dropping some events in a calendar cell.

as soon as I have omitted some events in the calendar, it should show an alert displaying the date that I deleted the event.

$(".ui-datepicker-calendar tbody tr td").droppable({
    drop: function (event, ui) {
        // $("#datepicker").datepicker._selectDay('#datepicker',2,2012, this);
        alert('Event added <show dropped date>#####');


Can anyone help me?


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If you instantiate the droppable when the drag starts, you can just fire the click event on the transition.

The dropped date will be available using the normal method getDate


    start: function () {
        $(".ui-datepicker-calendar td").droppable({
            drop: function() {
                var theDate = $(".datepicker").datepicker("getDate");
                alert( "Event Created on " + theDate.toDateString() );


I had a bit of trouble dragging myself around to act on such small areas, so I had to position the cursor using cursorAt

. Take a look at jsFiddle to see.



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