OpenGLES Bone Animation Solution Approach

Right, this is more of a discussion in which I ask for a pointer in the right direction for further reading and rather brain damage.

So in past work and also messing around with our company, I found some platform specific solutions for exporting bone animations from Blender and importing them to each platform. For example, PowerVR SDK on iPhone (which I have done in the past). Now, of course, it depends on the PowerVR chipset and I am doing a cross platform engine so does not fit my model.

Does anyone know of a good place to look for a tutorial on importing mesh with bone animation from Blender (or even generally?) Into generic OpenGLES (not platform-specific)?


Some example code? & L; <<I know there are no shortcuts and this is a huge job.

Basically, I'm looking for a good starting point.

I'm sure trying to do it in a cross-platform manner is likely to mean that the engine hits performance and also gives me headaches when I go about optimizing later, but more importantly is the cross-platform ability. a hit I'm ready to take.


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I would use Ogre3D for inspiration. Its library is very cross platform and mature and supports skeletal animation.

Be prepared to feel like you are writing a cheap imitation copy.



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