Enable scrollviewer to scroll for each element instead of default behavior

In my current project, I have a scroll viewer with multiple buttons listed. Instead of navigation, the standard scroll navigation buttons are used.

So what I want to achieve is when I click the navigation button (repeat button) the next button / item in the row appears.

With the default behavior, I can see the content appears slowly when I click the nav button.

When I click next or previous in the navigation, I want the next item in the row to appear instantly pending, for example 2 seconds before scrolling.

Inside the scrollviewer is the itemControl element, which contains a stack bar with custom buttons.

The scrollinger is on its turn, located in the grid.

Or is it a scrollviewer and not a way to move between elements in the panel stack using 2 navigation buttons?

EDIT: For some reason, logical scrolling doesn't seem to work anymore after applying the itemControl where the stack bar and datatemplate are located.

Thanks in advance! Jackz


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This behavior is called logical scrolling. To enable it, you must place your ScrollViewer in a StackPanel and set the ScrollViewer "CanContentScroll" property to true.

Here you will find additional information.



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