Is IronRuby being developed?

I plan on using Ruby and RoR 3.x on .Net was wondering if IronRuby is actively developing, the last time I heard about the vine was about a year ago, Microsoft dropped support. Can anyone confirm the status?


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Although this question is unrelated to code :) I still want to say something.

Jim and another guy were the only Microsoft members working on IronRuby. After Microsoft took what they wanted, they "inappropriately" cut support for IronRuby (and IronPython), and Jim's boss asked him if he wanted to do anything besides Ruby. He sensed this and left Microsoft. Microsoft soon announced that they would be donating IronRuby to open communities, and they ended their financial support after about a year. This project is still ongoing, but little code was contributed last year due to lack of support in Microsoft.Net and little end-user use (Ruby is still not that popular)

I wouldn't say IronRuby is discontinued, but it is not as active as you would expect. Try another Ruby. I personally don't like .Net anyway.



According to Wikipedia, their last stable release was 22 months ago. They had a preliminary release 11 months ago. It looks like they have one IronRuby team member for Microsoft employees as of 2010 (maybe not yet).

I would hesitate to rely on it for any long-standing project.

I would take a look at RubyInstaller . It probably won't be viable if you need .net though.



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