Blogger JSON API Post Fetch and Content Parse

I am new to Blogger and its JSON API. I found out that I can get all messages / get a specific record using the post id.

I am trying to create a lazy Blogger blog post page where blog content needs to load dynamically. What's the best way to get the last 5 messages in each request? (I don't want to query 5 times for 5 messages)

Another thing is I want to show the first image on the post list page. How can I get the first image and only get the text content?

I searched Google but couldn't find a good tutorial. Hope you guys can help me.



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One option is to use javascript callbacks like:

This will return back a piece of executable javascript code that

1) Calls the function you defined 2) Sends this function to a json object

Below are my guesses on the matter, because it is clearly much more complicated than one might think:

It is not clear to me why a simpler, cleaner, no authentication JSON REST api is not available (it probably exists) that just takes the blog id and returns the clear text, however I suspect it might be the blogger wants to deny the workaround.



Replace blogname

Blogname with you.

You will get a JSON Object and use JSON FORMATTER to format the JSON.



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