Horizontal scrolling for scrolling coredata objects

I have an iOS app built on CoreData with table view and object detail views.

When in detail view, I would like to scroll horizontally to get a detail view of the next object.

I found PageControl and scrollview. But this will be for over 100 objects in the model.

Does anyone have a good example of this or a resource on how to do this.




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You can create individual views for each master data object and then host those views in a UIScrollView.

You will need to set contentSize:

scrollView.contentSize = CGSizeMake(scrollView.frame.size.width * allYourViews.count, scrollView.frame.size.height);


Then collapse all your views and add them to the scrollView:

for(int i = 0; i < allYourViews.count; i++) {
    CGRect frame;
    frame.origin.x = scrollView.frame.size.width * i;
    frame.origin.y = 0;
    frame.size = scrollView.frame.size;

    if(allYourViews.count > 0) {
        UIView* someView = (UIView *)allYourViews[i];
        someView.frame = frame;
        [scrollView addSubview:someView];


For more details on how to make scrolling, see this tutorial:


(I don't know how this would be done :-)



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