What character encoding uses 2 underscores and a letter?

I am currently parsing what looks like a proprietary file format from a third party commercial application. They seem to use a funny character encoding system and I need some help figuring out what it is, assuming it's not a proprietary encoding system.

I don't have many different characters to analyze, but here's what I have so far:

__b -> blank space
__f -> forward slash


So, for example, "Hello World" becomes "Hello__bWorld".

Does anyone know what this is?

If you don’t know a resource on the internet that can help me? Maybe there is a tool that can help in identifying the character encoding?


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This seems to be the proprietary encoding used by Numara FootPrints . This list of mappings is available on the FootPrints user forum. There is also a Perl script to decode it.

Code Character
__b   (space)
__a ' (single quote)
__q " (double quote)
__t ` (backquote)
__m @ (at-sign)
__d . (period)
__u - (hyphen-minus)
__s ;
__c :
__p )
__P (
__3 #
__4 $
__5 %
__6 ^
__7 &
__8 *
__0 ~ (tilde)
__f / (slash)
__F \ (backslash)
__Q ?
__e ]
__E [
__g >
__G <
__B !
__W {
__w }
__C =
__A +
__I | (vertical line)
__M , (comma)
__Ux_ Unicode character with value 'x'




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