How do I assign a function to a value in Scala?

In Scala, how do you assign a specific signature function to the corresponding typed value?

def foo = println("foo")
def bar = println("bar")
val fnRef : ()=>Unit = //the function named foo or the function named bar



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While I feel like an unforgivable-horrible person to present this as an official answer, I am doing this as requested by the OP.

This problem can be solved like this:

def foo = println("foo")
val fnRef = () => foo


or, as some other brave soul said, before deleting his answer:

def foo = println("foo")
val fnRef = foo _


The second is perhaps a little preferable since mine (the first) is a bit hackish and actually creates a completely new function that just calls an existing function when it is applied, whereas the latter is mostly a partial or deferred application of an existing function , because being semantically identical, the latter is more-idiomatic Scala (as Rex Kerr points out).




and bar

are not functions, they are methods. You cannot assign methods to a name, because methods are not objects.



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