Is there a compliance test for SMTP servers? (for example, equivalent to the ACID browser test)

I am considering developing an SMTP server implementation for a project I want to work on. (Note: I haven't ruled out using an existing implementation just by exploring my options.)

I'm curious to know if there is an automated test suite available somewhere that checks for compliance with the SMTP standard.


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I don't know one (there may be one).

Even though I just wrote an SMTP server, it was a very specific use related to another specific server. If you intend to surf the wild internet, I highly recommend that you use a standalone solution.

On the one hand, we have longstanding SMTP standards. On the other hand, we have actual implementations in the wild. They are not necessarily the same thing. Ideally, things have calmed down over the years, but the simple truth is that on modern servers there is a lot of just "know-how", knowledge gained from simply solving problems of interacting with others in "wild" servers.

Chances are, if you create your own, it will "mostly" work, and if that works for you, then move forward. But if this is for something more important, I would suggest just going to one of the basic email implementations.



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