Javascript: getting the name of the calling function

I am writing an error event handler that captures the error and makes an ajax call to the server to report it. The problem is that many times my code looks like this:

function A() {

  //lots of works to calculate SomeParameters; can bug

function CalledVeryOften(SomeParameters) {
  // a little bit of work


If I capture the event in function A (or B, C, D ...) great! But the problem is, if the window.onerror event is triggered on CalledVeryOften, it is possible that the parameters might not be computed correctly.

Is there a way in CalledVeryOften to determine from which function it was called?



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The caller's name can be obtained through the deprecated


property .

Another method is to parse the value new Error().stack


In Chrome, you can use:

var stackTrace = {};
Error.captureStackTrace(stackTrace); // Get the stack trace
stackTrace = stackTrace.stack;       // Formatted string




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