Install the application to the jots-jooks folder Ios Roots Applications

when i install to ios5 root apps folder but it can't work. What for? but i believe cydia can work fine.


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  • In main.m add setuid(0);


  • Usually create an application.
  • Then copy and paste the executable file inside .app and rename it to whatever you want, don't rename the original file.
  • Open the original executable and delete its contents (the contents are now saved in the previously copied and renamed binary).
  • Add this bash script to an empty binary with 4. .:

    dir=$(dirname "$0")
    exec "${dir}"/<COPIED FILE NAME> "$@"

    Springboard launches this file first because its CFBundleExecutable, then this will launch the actual application. executable file. This is done because SpringBoard will not be able to run the executable as root

  • Open terminal and change directory to .app (for example cd /User/Me/Desktop/

  • chmod

    the original executable is up to 0755 (for example chmod 0755 MyCFBundleExecutable

    ) and the copied file is 6755 (for example chmod 6755 CFBundleExecutableRoot

  • in / Apps on your device, overwrite and launch it (if not start it, then repeat set 7.but SSHing into your device via terminal)



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