What can cause the bold <b> tag to be ignored?

I have a problem with some HTML being rendered in Drupal, but I'm not 100% sure if this is a Drupal problem. I'm using a bold tag to underline a word, but it doesn't appear as bold. He thought it might be the Google font I was using, so I disabled it, but I still have a problem.

I checked the source of the page:

<div id="begin_block">
  <div id="fw_begin"><h2>Find words <b>beginning</b> with:</h2></div>
    <div id="inp_begin"><input type="text" /></div>
    <div id="aft_begin">(max. 5 characters)</div>
    <div id="but_begin"><button type="button">Go</button></div>


But I still get:

enter image description here

What could be causing this problem?


The theme I'm using does exist reset.css

. Bold is defined as:




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CSS sheet (reset) probably defined b{font-weight:normal;}

. To "fix" the style, add b{font-weight:bold;}


Also, the tag is <strong>

semantically more correct, so use instead <b>




What you need to do is use firebug

or google developer console

debug it. If you have no previous experience, at least one don't worry - it will pay to spend some time and find out.

As a real solution, you can wrap the text in <span>

instead <b>

, add it to some meaningful class like "stress" (but you should avoid class names like "bold" because you might end up changing your mind as well instead of font-font you would use an underline, in which case you either change the class name or have a bold class for the underline style) and add something like

 font-weight: bold !important;


You are most likely rewriting the font-weight somewhere, and it is important to make sure that it will not be overwritten anymore.

BTW: of course you don't need to use <span>

with the class name, you can also use other selectors like <strong>




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