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I know how to provide a service link in Visual Studio. Now I'm going to deploy the code to an IIS server. there how to give a web link (like a web service. Can anyone help me.

On system 1 (web application with web service). system 2 (web application, web service must be obtained from system 1). I can execute it in VS2008 because I can easily provide a service link to the system2 web app ..


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You don't need to add the link again when deploying, but you can change the service address, security information, quotas, timeouts, etc. It's all customizable.

Web / services reference information is stored in .Net configuration files (for example, app.config and web.config). During deployment, you can change these values, if necessary, to point to the correct location.


Pay attention to the attribute address

. This can be changed to the address where the endpoint is located.

            contract="People.PersonService" name="BasicHttpBinding_PersonService" />




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