Buildr: specify the project database

I'm new to making an apology like this if it's trivial.

I have refactored all my projects to now follow the Apache convention (src / main / java, etc.), but I have one large java project that is split into three logical sub-projects.

In other words, my directory structure looks something like this:



Every single project follows the Apache convention, but the problem is that buildr thinks [cde-projects-directory] is the project itself.

I was able to use base_dir = to set the base directory for projects c, d and e, but buildr does not output to the correct target directories for these three projects.

Is there a quick fix for this? Or do I need to define a new layout to point to a different base_dir? (seems strange if this is the case).

I would prefer not to move projects c, d, e one level, because the current logical grouping makes a lot of sense.

Many thanks.


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You should be using base_dir=

, here's doc .



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