How to run Linux TortoiseHg GUI

On Ubuntu 11.04, I installed "TortoiseHg" and "TortoiseHg-Nautilus" via Software Update, but still don't know how to get the TortoiseHg GUI running. I tried using the "hgtk" command in the terminal, but it only prints out help information. Also, right click on a folder in Nautilus (not sure if Nautilus, I click the Home button on the launcher) does not see the TortoiseHg entry, for example on Windows. How do I use the Linux TortoiseHg GUI?


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I have 11.10 with Unity desktop. After clicking on the "Start menu" button (sorry for that word, I don't know its real name), I go into "TortoiseHg" and then click only one icon.

I agree that the integration in Nautilus is not as good as in Windows, but THg works well.



tortoisehg: Command not found.

Running on a terminal




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