Switching modes in Prolog on the Windows command line

The Sicstus Prolog manual tells the user to "| - - consult (user)". to enter sentences and to "return to the top level, type ^ D". However, I am using Windows and there are no Windows instructions in the manual. How can I get back to Query Mode in Windows?


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In many Prolog systems, such as SICStus 4, you can enter a fact end_of_file.

to complete the consultation. This fact will not be considered, it only serves to indicate the end.

(Warning: I am not a frequent user of Winds. That is, I only have rdesktop for this activity.)

If you ever need to define a fact end_of_file.

in your program, write end_of_file :- true.


If you enter end_of_file.

as a query at the top level, many Prolog systems stop. You can work around this by typing true,end_of_file.


This slightly bizarre behavior is by no means standardized.



I can't verify this, but I think Z (Ctrl + Z) should play the same role as D (Ctrl + D) on Unix.



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