Passing variables from object to setTimeout

I am having interesting problems passing variables from within an object to setTimeout

. First, I tried to put the function I was calling from setTimeout

onto my object so that I didn't have to pass any variables (I was hoping that he could access my object on his own). It didn't work, apparently because the function somehow became global when I called it from setTimeout

, and no longer had access to my object variables.

This was my next try, but it doesn't work either:

function MyObj() { = 10; = 20;
    this.duration = 1000;

    }, this.duration);


So how exactly can I pass a variable in setTimeout

from within an object? No, AnotherFunction

he will not be able to directly contact MyObj

for various reasons unrelated to this.


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I think the problem is that when your function is executed, it is this

no longer tied to MyObj

. You may try

function MyObj() {
    var that = this; = 10; = 20;
    this.duration = 1000;

    setTimeout(function(){AnotherFunction(,}, this.duration);


Or I have another idea that shouldn't work.



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