How do I get jQuery "simple advice" to work on a loaded Ajax page?

I am using a simple jQuery tip code on my site that works like an index page but does not work on external pages that I load via AJAX.

Please see a live example here (Deleted - no longer live). You will see that it works on the category icons, but not on the 5 images in the box below. Although it works when you upload this content yourself. (/featured.html)

I searched here for the topic of using jQuery on loaded AJAX pages and I saw people mentioning:



but I just don't know how to implement it in the tooltip code that looks like this:

function simple_tooltip(target_items, name){
    $("body").append("<div class='"+name+"' id='"+name+i+"'><p>"+$(this).attr('title')+"</p></div>");
    var my_tooltip = $("#"+name+i);

    if($(this).attr("title") != ""){ // checks if there is a title

            my_tooltip.css({opacity:0.8, display:"none"}).fadeIn(50);
            my_tooltip.css({left:kmouse.pageX-15, top:kmouse.pageY+30});




Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


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I am guessing that binding a simple tooltip again after loading the content with ajax will do the trick





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