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What if I only want to search subdirectories and some file types. Ex. I have a folder named "stuff" where random stuff is loaded. And I will say that I want to search only subfolders of AND.jpg files in "stuff" and nothing more. I know to look for only .jpg is ...

$array = glob(‘stuff/{*.jpg}’, GLOB_BRACE);

and searching only subdirectories is ...

$array = glob(‘stuff/*’, GLOB_ONLYDIR);

... but how can I combine these two without any other unwanted files? Is there a template for subdirectories for GLOB_BRACE?


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This recursive function should do the trick:

function recursiveGlob($dir, $ext) {
    $globFiles = glob("$dir/*.$ext");
    $globDirs  = glob("$dir/*", GLOB_ONLYDIR);

    foreach ($globDirs as $dir) {
        recursiveGlob($dir, $ext);

    foreach ($globFiles as $file) {
        print "$file\n"; // Replace '\n' with '<br />' if outputting to browser


Using: recursiveGlob('C:\Some\Dir', 'jpg');

If you want it to do other things for an individual file, just replace the print "$file\n"


The feature may be more specific in their searches glob

, and also only link directories as well as files with the specified file extension, but I did it this way for simplicity and transparency.



I'm not sure if I'm following exactly because with you you're looking for a specific file type, and with the other you're looking for subdirectories. These are completely different templates!

As said, the way to have an array containing all * .jpg files in stuff/

as well as subdirectories in stuff/

is to take your code one more step:

$jpg_array = glob('stuff/{*.jpg}', GLOB_BRACE);
$subdir_array = glob('stuff/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR);

// Combine arrays
$items = array_merge($jpg_array,$subdir_array);

// Do something with values
foreach($items as $item)
   echo($item . "<br>");




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