Rewrite error rule with unicode urls to nginx with pcre 8.3

I ran into a similar problem to the one described in this question . However, I managed to get nginx (1.0.14) compiled with the latest PCRE (8.30), changed the rewrite rule to use UTF8, but it still doesn't work.

My rewrite rule

location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;
    rewrite "(*UTF8)^/imgthumb/(.*)$" /timthumb.php?$1 last;


This works fine with non-unicode images, but fails when the file name contains unicode characters.

therefore /imgthumb/src=/wp-content/uploads/8姉妹の古いマトリョーシカ.jpg&h=121&w=137&zc=1

does not work

but it /imgthumb/src=/wp-content/uploads/MOD0005.jpg&h=121&w=137&zc=1

works .

In Apache using the htaccess rewrite rule, it works like

RewriteRule ^/imgthumb/(.*)$ /timthumb.php?$1 [L]

Am I rewriting the nginx rule correctly? Is there a way to make this work?

UPDATE: I noticed that the problem seems to be related to the fact that the PHP script only gets one parameter (src) into an array $_GET

with nginx, but with Apache transition, it splits into different parameters ...


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The solution was eventually provided by Valentin V. Bartenev on the nginx forum after I posted the same question there.

Replacing the rewrite rule with this snippet did the job!

   location ~ (*UTF8)^/imgthumb/(.*)$ {
            fastcgi_pass    unix:/var/spool/phpfpm.sock;
            include         fastcgi_params;
            fastcgi_param   SCRIPT_FILENAME    $document_root/timthumb.php;
            fastcgi_param   SCRIPT_NAME        /timthumb.php;
            fastcgi_param   QUERY_STRING $1;




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