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I am learning Emacs as a Python IDE. There's a great, modern solution out there: emacs-for-python by Gabriele Lanar. Unfortunately I cannot use pdbtrack. That is, going to pdb, I am not showing the original Python buffer with the cursor on the current line, etc. The only way to make this work is with an ugly hack: http://page.sourceforge.net/tricks.html#Running_pdb_under_emacs Moreover, Goode has probably never been a way to use an interpreted language like Python: (the hyperlink is not resolved) There's one discussion there, https://github.com/fgallina/python.el/issues/43but it leads nowhere. I also discovered the variable python-pdbtrack-activate, but it defaults to t by default. There's one word of hope in there: "By the way, it should be possible to add the pdbtrack filter function globally, but untested, and I don't think I would enable such a thing by default." Why, I don't mind having such a thing inactive by default, I just would like to know how to enable it ... Ability to enter the debugger via pdb.set_trace () as best as possible, IMO. Hopefully this is possible right now.


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This is not an answer to your exact question, but it also solves your problem. I use pdb ++ in emacs terminal mode: pdb ++ "sticky mode" gives me the equivalent of pdbtrack, with the advantage that it doesn't need to open the buffer for every file it looks (since it just displays the source code in the term buffer).

As an added bonus, I also get colorful tab decoration as a pdb ++ hint :-)

If you are using py.test you can also check my pytest-emacs which automatically runs py.test in the term buffer so pdb works out of the box.



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