Eclipse ADT Plugin - Graphic layout flickers and eats memory

As there is no answer to the other question , and I'm not sure if it got noticed at all as it was an open-ended question I posted here. again in hopes that someone can help me;)

When I do something in the ADT graphics editor, the layout buttons (centered horizontally, vertically, etc.) start flickering for about 10 seconds. During this time, the RAM used by the Eclipse JVM increases by about 200 megabytes. This RAM is also not freed at any time until I close Eclipse completely. This is especially frustrating as I can only do 6 actions per Eclipse session until I restart it to free up RAM again.

Environment: Windows XP SP3 JDK 1.6.0_31 Eclipse 3.7 ADT 16.0.1

Plugins: []

Any hints are appreciated =)

Regards, Chris


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On retest, the new fluid eats up memory and flickering buttons. Temporarily disable some checks. (or the checkbox "on saving ...") You can find it in the "Window / Preferences" menu β†’ search for "lint".



I also got this problem. After looking for a solution, I tried to disable two checkboxes in Window / Preferences / Android / Lint Error Checking. It helped a little, but the Java Stack heap kept growing until Eclipse crashed or I had to shut it down before it did.

What ended up making the problem worse for me was that some of the heights and widths used "dip" instead of "dp" as the unit, and probably more importantly, "dp" in the TextSize attribute instead of "sp".

So change all units to "dp" except use "sp" for testing



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