How to cross-compile macOS R packages from Linux environment?

I am running Linux and trying to compile an R package for use on a Mac. I could only find Linux-> Windows and MacOS-> Windows commands to cross compile. Does anyone know what I should do to compile the macOS binary package for R?

Or, I'll agree to create a server. Again, there is a Windows build server for R packages, but does anyone know about a macOS build server?


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Let's build a gcc cross compiler first - see its documentation.

Available libraries can be a limiting factor. You will need to rebuild everything from the OS X you want to link to.



Just a side note:

While R packages can be installed (from pre-compiled binaries for all major Windows, Mac, Linux platforms), there are also tools to create packages from source as part of the installation process.

Installation example from source ( more details ):

install.packages("Simpsons", type="source")


Depending on the package (pure R or with some other language like C / C ++) and depending on the OS you are using, you need additional tools to build packages from source (like Rtools for Windows, r-base-dev for Linux systems ...)



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