How do I move a ClearCase view to a new domain?

We are in a situation where we have successfully moved a VOB from domain A to domain B (the ClearCase server is running on Windows and we are using only one ClearCase server). We are now trying to change the view permission to prevent new views from being created, but it seems they are still on the same domain.

I tried

fix_prot -force -replace ...vws

fix_prot -root -rec -chown -chgrp ...vws


It works well with no errors, but when I try to look at the properties it is still at \ username

Can you advise? We only use snapshots



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For snapshots or dynamic views, the utility is used as follows: fix_prot

fix-prot -force -rec -chown newUserName -chgrp newGroupe -chmod 775 /path/to/view/storage.vws
fix-prot -force -root -chown newUserName -chgrp newGroupe /path/to/view/storage.vws


I never use -root -rec: always -rec

on the one hand, -root

on the other.

Note two warnings:

It is recommended that Windows ClearCase services be disabled prior to running the utility fix_prot

This ensures that no files are opened by ClearCase processes that might otherwise be missed during the execution of the utility.

Note. If you run fix_prot

if there are any Additional Groups

that were part of the list of VOB groups, running this command will delete those groups.
As a result, you will need to run a command protectvob

to add these additional groups back to the VOB.



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