Specify https port in replay platform 2.0

How do I specify which port for the https game to run? In Play 1.2.4, I would add to application.conf:



But Play 2.0 doesn't seem to support this anymore. Also, this syntax clearly doesn't work:

play start -Dhttps.port=9443

although this way works for normal http: play start 9100

Does anyone know how to do this for https?


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According to this answer on Play! discussion group, direct https support not available on Play! 2.0 else:


If you need https, you can either play Play! 4, or install a web server that supports https, for example Apache or nginx.



There is a Play 2.0 branch that supports HTTPS .

The official status issue is "in progress" at the time of writing.



If you still want to have HTTPS support in Play 2, it looks like it has been added. I see it is a system property named "https.port" as you pointed out. Now this has happened for a while. I think what you tried should now work under 2.0.3.

This is where I found this source. It was not in the documents. https://github.com/playframework/Play20/blob/master/framework/src/play/src/main/scala/play/core/server/NettyServer.scala



For what it's worth, it looks like it was added back to version 2.1.

Latest docs: http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.3.x/ConfiguringHttps



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