MonoTouch: gcc compiler not found

In the middle of updating MonoTouch / Xcode to fix a broken app in the app store. Not everything seems to work again. Stuck right now in what looks like a broken config as mtouch

it can't find it gcc



seems to be available and i can compile the example iphone project on xcode

Any ideas?


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These things can happen when:

a) Installing Xcode 4.3 [.1] and uninstalling Xcode 4.2 (the installer will ask for it) or if it has never been installed.

To fix this, you need to install additional "command line tools" to get a complete installation.

You can do this from within Xcode using the following steps: XCode 4.3 Command Line Toolkit with Invalid Checksum

b) when installing Xcode in a directory other than the default. In this case, you need to tell MonoDevelop where the Apple SDK is located. You can change this in the MonoDevelop settings dialog, SDK locations.



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