How do I set up an activity for viewing?

In our assembly, we use to remove our view and create a new view before assembly.

It worked without any problem in the base box.

But in UCM, we run into problems, while checkout and registration because of the name of the activity must be assigned every time.

Is it good practice to create a new activity whenever I build? [But the number of events will soon be increased to a huge one]

Is there an easy way to automatically configure the default activity in UCM?

Is any body manned with this assembly process? If so, you can share a link or something useful resource ..


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Use cleartool setact

to establish your activity.

setact/ivity [ –c/omment comment | –cfi/le pname | –cq/uery | –nc/omment ]
[ –vie/w view-tag ] { –none | activity-selector } 


You may need to disable the current activity from your view first:

Clear the current activity from the java_int view.

cleartool setactivity -none


Then set the action as the current activity.

cleartool setactivity create_directories
Set activity "create_directories" in view "webo_integ".


See "Configuring UCM Actions " for more information:

You can only set one action at a time for each view, and all checks in your view are related to the current activity, until you disable the action or set a different one.

cleartool setact -view <myViewTag> <anActiviyName>


(- view before activity name)

Note that if you change the activity during pending checks, you will have a warning.

You usually associate activities with a development task instead of the build number.
Since you are not using the version you are building ( executables

), you do not need to create a new activity for each build.



@Samselvaprabu agreeing with VonC on other things and that activities are, at best, logical groupings of code / development tasks. For example, 5 source codes + 1 properties files to resolve a QA defect.

Although you are asking how many activities? there is no specific guide that IBM provides (AFAIK) on this, but in my experience

  • A typical activity might not have too few, which means 1.2 files or too many (say 15+) files.
  • An action naming convention (albeit inconsistent when guiding the user) will help. For example, username_ShortDescreption / DefectID_date can help organize, sorting activities when the need arises. And believe me, it will.
  • Learning activities based on some criteria such as age (more than 1 month) are good for the household.
  • Build activity . I would say it is subjective, how many times you build, how many artifacts go to build, how many views / developers you have, etc. You can have a build <> activity relationship that is 1 <> n or n <> 1, which is entirely dependent on the specific case for your environment. This is beauty and also the curse of UCM.

These suggestions aren't exactly what you would ask for, but I think this is a good time to give them as you are just starting out with this tricky, messy world called UCM :)



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