TinyMCE SCRIPT5: Access Denied. Typical cross-domain error on the same domain

I am using TinyMCE upload via AJAX, but on the same domain, same protocol (https) and it works fine in any other browser. I feel like IE thinks I am crossing domains, although I certainly am not. The project is hosted in Media Temple (gs), it works fine on mine (dv) and doesn't seem to work since I went over, enabled SSL, etc.

Edit: I am using the latest TinyMCE (3.5b2).

Edit 2: I am guessing that: The problem is not with TinyMCE itself, as the same exact script runs on our own intranet (with any browser including IE). I think the browser thinks we are "cross-domain", even though we don't. My guess would be htaccess issue or something to do with root folders ...

Edit 3: Don't use document.domain = "domain.com" in your JS unless you are cross-domain.

The problem has been resolved.


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Do not use

document.domain = "domain.com"


in the JS header if you are not cross-domain. It seems to have solved all my problems.



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