How can we create one visual studio project from the command line

I have a visual studio c test project (Helloworld project) generated from VS 2008 professional edition and containing a VC ++ project file.

May I know how I can build the same project from the command line (cmd) so that I don't need to use VS GUI to build the same one.

I'm quite confused that it might be necessary to create a make file, but I don't see any way to create ame in the visual studio mentioned in the release.

any suggestions or hints are greatly appreciated.


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You can control the solution or project build with vcbuild

or devenv

. An example of the latter:

devenv Solution.sln /build /project Project.vcproj /projectconfig "Debug|Win32"


(You can run vcbuild /?

and devenv /?

to find their commonly used options.)

Note that in Visual Studio 2010 and later projects, Visual C ++ uses MSBuild, so projects can be built on the command line using msbuild

just like any other MSBuild projects (C #, VB, etc.). The older VCBuild used in previous versions of Visual Studio is no longer supported.



This is usually done via nmake. VS60 allowed to export a makefile and use it with nmake (make make utility). (After we started writing our own makefile).

hopefully the newer version of Visual Studio will have similar or better options.



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